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Online O'Connor Resources

About O'Connor's Writing

Before you go anywhere else, be sure to stop by the O'Connor Collection in the Russell Library, at Georgia College. This is THE original site about O'Connor, and a wonderful resource.

Nancy Marshall photographed Flannery O'Connor's farm in 2007 and 2008, and she shares her experience in her Andalusia Photo Essay.

See interviews with Ralph Wood, Brad Gooch, and people influenced by O'Connor's work in the PBS Religion and Ethics Weekly Flannery O'Connor episode.

Professor Amy Hungerford teaches the OpenYale course on "The American Novel Since 1945", and you may be particularly interested in her lectures on Wise Blood. (Thanks to Joe Johnson for the tip.)

The New York Times offers a very helpful and well-written Flannery O'Connor topic page that offers chronologically arranged biographical information put together by Brad Gooch, author of Flannery: A Life of Flannery O'Connor.

If Flannery O'Connor had a blog it might look something like what TS has put together in this congregation of quotes and links addressing everything from faith to folly.

No estoy seguro del numero de mis visitantes hispanoparlantes, pero si usted lo es, este blog sobre O'Connor contiene comentarios sobre su obra, criticas de estudiosos y enlaces.

Postmarked Milledgeville offers a catalogue of Flannery O'Connor's correspondence held in various libraries and archives. The website provides descriptions of letters to and from O'Connor and serves as a guide to what can be found, including a description of broad topics mentioned in the letters.

In addition to covering nearly everything else about the state, the New Georgia Encyclopedia includes articles on O'Connor's short fiction, Wise Blood and The Violent Bear it Away.

Study Guides

The New York University Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database has annotations for some of O'Connor's short fiction, as well as interesting information on other subjects.

Clubs and Groups

Thanks to the efforts of the Flannery O'Connor-Adalusia Foundation anyone can now visit Andalusia, the farm where O'Connor spent much of her adult life and wrote most of her stories.

The O'Connor Childhood Home Foundation has fought to preserve O'Connor's residence in Savannah, rennovating and restoring the building to represent the time when O'Connor's family lived there. While the site is geared toward people who want to know more about the home (as opposed to O'Connor scholarship), the foundation holds regular events such as readings and lectures.

Audio, Video and Visual Art

The WMFU blog has an interesting entry from one of the DJs on his obsession with O'Connor that includes links to related material including O'Connor short stories read aloud. By the way, WMFU has a playlist archive in Real Audio of their program featuring O'Connor giving her lecture on "Some Aspects of the Grotesque in Southern Fiction" and reading her short story "A Good Man is Hard to Find". (I don't know how long this archive will be around, so if you want future access to the audio, you should save it.)

A request from a visitor looking for audio of O'Connor reading her own work led me to The Morning Oil, where I found WMA files of O'Connor reading "A Good Man is Hard to Find" and one of her lectures on aspects of the grotesque in Southern fiction.

UbuWeb contains loads of recorded poetry and fiction, but also includes an interesting video project called Cinema of Transgression. If you look about halfway down the page you'll find Jeri Cain Rossi's adaptation of "A Good Man is Hard to Find" into a short film called "Black Hearts Bleed Red".

Georgia artist Ande Cook recently finished a portrait of O'Connor and shares the process on her Chickory blog. It's interesting to watch her work progress from sketch to finished painting and see how Flannery still inspires people today.

More About O'Connor Country

Learn more about Milledgeville, former capital of Georgia, and Flannery O'Connor's home for much of her life.

Georgia isn't all peanuts and pick-up trucks. Read up on two of the most peculiar places you'll find in the Peach State.


Looking for good old-fashioned paper and ink resources on O'Connor? You'll find a list of must-reads here.

Other Links of Interest to the Literary Type

Are you up for some experimental fiction, avant-garde poetry, and surreal imagery? Yep, you can find all three at Sein und Werden.

Todd Heldt is a poet, and fellow academic. (There's no O'Connor info here, but some interesting things nonetheless.)


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