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What's the story behind Comforts of Home?

If you've done any searching on the Internet, you've surely noticed the variations in quality and reliability from site to site, so we set out to meet two goals. 

The first was to construct a Web portal leading to reasonably reliable information about O'Connor and her work. In selecting the information and links, we set up criteria for content and accessibility to cull out spurious information and sites that are permanently "under construction". While it's impossible to stay up to the minute with the mercurial nature of the net, we still feel we have harvested the finest fruits the Web has to offer.

Our second goal is to host articles on O'Connor--her works, her life, her influences--whether critical analysis, or personal reviews. This is not designed to be a storehouse of board review and advanced scholarship, so you will find opinion pieces with a definite slant. Keep this in mind if you plan to use material from Comforts in your own research.

Want to help?
We are always on the look out for new material! If you have an article about O'Connor currently available on the net, a paper you would like to exhibit on the Web, or even just a good literary site, let us know and we'll talk to you about linking to or hosting it. (E-mail address is at the bottom.)

If you are one of the many students writing a paper on Flannery O'Connor or her works, please read this first. Publishing the text of O'Connor's work on the Internet violates US copyright laws. Comforts of Home will not knowingly link to any Web resource that breaks these laws, so do not ask for online versions of O'Connor's stories. There are many valuable books accessible in libraries, or purchasable online. In addition, there are hundreds of journal articles written about O'Connor's fiction. Before you dash off an e-mail about locating these sources, try the reference librarian at your school, university, or public library. S/he can help you find these items MUCH quicker than anyone else.

If you are offended by the content of an article you find on the site, feel free to contact us. We will read any concerns, and we will consider publishing rebuttal in the form of well thought out articles as long as they pertain to O'Connor, but we do not publish opinion pieces that deal strictly with race, religion, politics, or any other subject unless directly related to O'Connor's work.

Advertising on Comforts of Home
After several requests, we are accepting advertisements.

More About the Site Operator
Brian Collier is a Media Specialist. He has worked as a librarian since 1993, which has given him an edge when it comes to research. Brian has held an affection for O'Connor's work since he first read "Greenleaf" in high school, and Comforts of Home is an extension of that interest. Brian holds a BA in English, an MA in literature, and an MLM in Media Technology. As part of his MLM coursework, Brian fulfilled Georgia's teacher certification requirements and he currently instructs high school seniors in Independent Research, which fits nicely with his library duties.

Brian's MA literature research focused on O'Connor and he noticed a lack of O'Connor resources on the Internet. He decided to combine his research skills with his passion for O'Connor and the result was Comforts of Home.

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