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What will you find here?

Comforts of Home focuses on Flannery O'Connor related information evaluated for its reliability and usefulness: links to biographical information about Flannery O'Connor, critical analysis of her work, and general praise of her abilities as a writer and a human being. If you're searching for essays and other scholarship on Flannery O'Connor published on the Web, we try to catch everything that we think is truly helpful. Be aware that most critical analysis of O'Connor is in hard-copy.

News for October

Remember to take a look at the Flannery O'Connor community on Google+ where you can discuss O'Connor, her works, her influences on film and literature, places connected with her that you can still visit, and whatever other O'Connor info you can think of.

Be sure to get your Flannery O'Connor stamp from the US Postal Service. It's the 30th stamp in their Literary Arts series.

William Sessions, who recently finished the authorized biography of Flannery O'Connor after many years of deep research through her personal papers, is the main speaker in "Between the House and the Chicken Yard: The Life and Legacy of Flannery O'Connor" a presentation honoring the 50th anniversary of O'Connor's death. Sessions talks with Angela Alaimo O'Donnell, discussing O'Connor's life and work, as well as a short Q&A with the audience where Dr. Sessions reminisces about a long-gone Georgia of the mid-twentieth century, and where O'Connor fitted into that cultural landscape.

Sometimes city dwellers fantasize fondly about rural life, but Rachel Stolzman's imagination conjures more than chickens and goats. After reading O'Connor's essay "The King of Birds", Rachel made sure to include peafowl in her rural dreams. Be sure to read the rest of Rachel's blog to get a glimpse of her urban life.

Given the complexity of O'Connor's fiction, the fact that her stories refuse simplification, and their demand for absolute attention on the part of the reader, how do we work with O'Connor in the classroom context? How do we bring an audience of impatient college readers whose only experience with O'Connor is probably reading "A Good Man is Hard to Find" partway through their high school American Literature course, to meet her on her terms? Nick Ripatrazone offers up his ideas in "Mystery and Manners: On Teaching Flannery O'Connor".

A request from a visitor looking for audio of O'Connor reading her own work led me to The Morning Oil, where I found WMA files of O'Connor reading "A Good Man is Hard to Find" and one of her lectures on aspects of the grotesque in Southern fiction.

PBS Religion and Ethics Weekly contains a fantastic Flannery O'Connor episode that includes interviews with Ralph Wood, Brad Gooch, Bruce Gentry and people influenced by O'Connor's work.

We've noticed a rising interest in film adaptations of O'Connor's fiction, and while Hollywood hasn't taken up the challenge recently (which might be a good thing), several productions have already translated O'Connor's stories to the screen.

Thanks to the efforts of the Flannery O'Connor-Adalusia Foundation anyone can now visit Andalusia, the farm where O'Connor spent much of her adult life and wrote most of her stories.

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